Zuletzt aktualisiert am 4. October 2022

The newsletter of the Student Union of Spatial Planning at the TU Wien is relevant for students, teachers as well as graduates. Once you have subscribed, you will be constantly informed about everything that is happening in the field of spatial planning. It does not matter whether it is news about events, job advertisements, calls, courses or news from the Institute of Spatial Planning.

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We are happy to share relevant information with our interested subscribers. Contents should revolve around the field of Spatial Planning and the studies of Spatial Planning. This entails:

  • job vacancies
  • course announcements
  • event announcements
  • publications
  • activities of the Institute of Spatial Planning / Architecture
  • petitions
  • further training programmes
  • etc.

The following documents are helpful for us in order to quickly and concisely prepare your content for our newsletter:

  • banner/image (aspect ratio not pivotal)
  • brief text with all relevant information (e.g. location, date, activity, …) – approx. 5-10 lines.
  • additional links or documents (e.g. pdf file)
  • job vacancies will only be shared if salery is stated!