Student Council Meeting

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. October 2022

In the facilities of the student council. Drop by without any obligation!
In case of a lockdown online. Just send us a mail and you will get the link.

On Thursday at 6 p.m

What is it about?

The team of the student council meets on this weekly date to discuss current topics as well as activities in the group. All students of spatial planning are invited to participate or just to listen and get information. It is about mutual exchange of information, the work in the different committees and changes in our curricula, the organization of parties and events, university politics, the appointment of new professors as well as “problems in the daily business”, which should/must be reacted to. You can learn everything about the work of the student council and news in the inner-university discourse. Socializing should not be neglected, informal exchange is important to us.

Every student can bring in his/her opinion and will be heard! Your student representatives want to hear your opinions and interests in order to be able to represent them adequately. So you are encouraged to come by!

You will probably be surprised how many possibilities there are to actively deal with your own study conditions and the environment here at the TU and to change something about it.