Cutting and Binding

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 5. July 2022

In addition to copying, the following equipment is available free of charge to process your print products professionally. The devices are designed to process all common delivery formats from urban analysis and design technology, through P1 and P2 to bachelor theses independently:

Cutter: Since our printer cannot print “borderless”, you can use it to cut away your margins, or generally cut sheets up to A3.

Stapler: with this you can staple e.g. brochures or small booklets together in the middle (in contrast to a normal stapler, which can only staple at the edge). You get a binding like newspapers or magazines. You can use it for media up to A2 landscape format and up to 50 sheets.

Spiral binding machine: With this you create professional bindings with a metal spiral. The materials you need (metal spiral, cardboard back and foil cover) are available in the office at a cost of 1€. You can use media up to A3 landscape format and up to 60 sheets.