Zuletzt aktualisiert am 5. October 2022

The most important prerequisite for using the journals and books available online is access via a VPN connection. Some resources can also be accessed without VPN. However, the entire volume is only available via VPN.

You can find detailed instructions for setting up a VPN connection here: instructions. Simply select your operating system (Windows / iOS) and follow the step-by-step instructions with pictures. You will need your TU Wien email address ( and your TISS password.

After successfully setting up the VPN connection, open CatalogPlus in your browser. Click on “Login” (in the top right-hand corner). A new window will pop up and you can log in with your TISS login data. You can then search for literature using the search bar. After entering the search term, select “online resources” in the left-hand column to display the titles available online. After clicking on the apt resource, you can click on “view” and “open source in a new window” to display the full text.